RPM Shock tower for the Associated SC10, T4 & T4.1

RPM Shock Towers for the SC10 & T4 are designed to improve the structure and durability of these awesome racing trucks. The I-beam shape found along the tops and sides of our shock tower provide some serious strength and rigidity while the chemical make up of our proprietary blend of nylons provides unmatched durability. The end result – a new shock tower design that will rigidly support the rear shocks while allowing the part to survive under extreme crash situations.

Additionally, the unique nature of our materials will also help reduce transferred impact energy into the fragile chassis and chassis components. By absorbing that impact energy instead of transferring it on, our shock tower will improve overall crash survivability of the truck!

RPM Shock Towers for the Associated SC10 & T4 are designed to work on the SC10, T4 & T4.1.

For more information, visit www.rpmrcproducts.com

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