Review LRP Flow WorksTeam ESC and X20 Brushless Motor

Anyone who is familiar with R/C knows LRP products. LRP is well known all around the world for their high performance motors, speed controllers and nitro engines. LRP has won many world and national titles.

To increase their presence, LRP has now new offices in North America ( In the last decade, I’ve raced many LRP speed controllers, motors and nitro engines, always with full satisfaction. This is why I’ve decided to go with a LRP Flow WorksTeam speed controller and a LRP X20 6.5T brushless motor for my all new 4wd buggy.


It comes a time where changing tires and setups is not enough to make your car faster. This is exactly where the LRP Flow WorksTeam shines. The Flow WorksTeam is the latest high performance speed controller from LRP and it is packed with great features. First, the Flow WorksTeam case is made of aluminum for better heat dissipation and it has a very small footprint (32x34x21mm), perfect for limited space of compact chassis. To keep things cool, a cooling fan is included and can be mounted directly on the esc cooling fins for extra cooling power. The LRP Flow WorksTeam supports 1 or 2 cell LiPo batteries and motors down to 3.5T. The ESC has an all new 6V/3A BEC and it can be easily upgraded with the latest firmwares from

My LRP Flow WorksTeam came with the all new off-road firmware version 3.8. This is the exact same version used by Steven Hartson to win the IFMAR World Championship in 2013 and by Martin Bayer to win the EFRA European Championships. Most of the work done in the version 3.8 are related to the brakes and few others settings has been improved for more adjustability and precision.

Review LRP Flow WorksTeam ESC and X20 Brushless Motor Reviews

As mentioned above, the LRP Flow WorksTeam is fully packed with nice features and many of them are related to acceleration and timing. The main goal of having a high speed controller like the LRP is to get the best out of your motor and speed controller. The best way to achieve this goal is by adjusting how the power is delivered to the motor and of course to the wheels. On the LRP Flow WorksTeam, you can adjust the percentage of initial throttle (initial drive), the torque timing (to increase/improve lower powerband), the boost timing (max boost generated by the ESC) and the boost angle (how quickly the boost timing is reached). If you race in a non-boost (blinky) class, you only need to adjust the boost timing to 0. On my LRP Flow WorksTeam, I didn’t need to change any of the settings related to timing or boost. The ESC was fine for me right out of the box.

If how the power is transferred to the motor under acceleration is important, how the power is transferred under braking is as much important. This new firmware version offers a lot of settings regarding the braking. There are three different brake types to better suite your driving style, vehicle type and track surface. The brake types are the Semi X-Brake, the X-Brake and the BR2. Each of these brake types can be used to fine tune braking with more or less aggressive braking at different speed and under different traction. To these brake types, you can adjust the percentage of brake ramp and the initial brake. The auto brake (drag brake) is adjusted separately. It makes a lot of settings to learn and to try. Fortunately, LRP presets the speed controller with a good base setup. The only setting I’ve changed was the autobrake (drag brake), I’ve increased it to 21% instead of the 15% by default.

The Flow WorksTeam is pre wired and the capacitor is already soldered to the ESC. All I had to do was to cut the wires to the desired length and solder the wires to the motor and install the battery connectors.

At first, the Flow WorksTeam can be a little tricky to program. All programming is done with the two buttons and the leds. I wished I could use a programming card but it really takes few minutes to become familiar with programming. There are a total of eight settings (called modes in the documentation) that can be programmed. All you have to do is to select what setting you want to change and to select to right value. Once done, simply store the new configuration. In case of confusion, just power off the esc to cancel your modifications. The basic setup is very close to what I like, I just had to change the drag brake and boost settings. There are so many settings that can be fine tuned that I highly recommend that you read the instructions manual first and keep it in your toolbox for quick reference a the track.

Review LRP Flow WorksTeam ESC and X20 Brushless Motor Reviews

The buttons and leds are also used to monitor internal speed controller and motor temperatures. This feature is called Internal Temp Check System 3 and it is extremely useful to monitor internal motor and controller temperature after race, practice or when trying different pinions and spur gears.


On the track:

I was really excited to test my new LRP WorksTeam speed controller and X20 6.5T motor combo. Before heading to the track, I’ve decided to install a 19T pinion and to keep the stock spur gear. I’ve immediately noticed all the power of the X20 brushless motor. This is one of the most powerful motor I’ve ever used. With the stock timing and stock ESC settings, I was able to make all the four tires of my B44.2 spin on demand at any speed. Jumps that I usually have difficulties to clear were now easy to jump. On our medium size track, driving my buggy was as easy as pointing the buggy in the right direction and hitting the trigger. After the first pack, I’ve went with a 18T pinion because my motor temperature was near 175F. I like keeping my electronics in the safe zone. Now after a full non stop pack, motor temperature was in the 140 ish, right in my confort zone. The X20 6.5T is a really fast motor. Faster than many others 6.5T motors  on the market. I don’t know what LRP did with the X20 motor but it really has a lot of torque and top speed. To be honest, the X20 has too much power for my buggy and track surface. If I had known that X20 motors were so powerful, I would have chosen a 7.5T or a 8.5T X20 motor for my 4wd buggy.

Review LRP Flow WorksTeam ESC and X20 Brushless Motor Reviews

Now, let’s talk about the LRP FlowWorks Team. The first thing I’ve noticed is how smooth the ESC is with the stock settings. After few laps, the boost was quite predictable and I was good to manage my speed and let the drag brake function does its job when entering tight corners. When nailing the throttle while coming out the corner, the Power was super easy to control and manage. Even with an overgeared buggy, the speed controler didn’t come super hot, 140F is quite the maximum temperature I’ve recorded during my tests.

It took me 2-3 packs to become a little more familiar with my new electronics. The Flow WorksTeam has so many features and options that can be programmed that it will take me more track time to really tune my Flow WorksTeam to my liking.



After just few packs, it becomes really easy to understand why the LRP Flow WorksTeam speed controller is one the best speed controllers in the market and one of the most raced by professional drivers. The LRP ESC is packed with awesome and useful features and options. Even if it doesn’t come with a programming card, the leds and buttons work fine to program the ESC. I’ve just needed a little time to get familiar with the programming procedure. As for the performances, the Flow WorksTeam  deserves a gold medal. This little blue box is extremly versatile and performs as well in onroad than offroad. It can takes a lot of abuses and it will rewards you with flawless operations pack after pack.

If you are serious about R/C racing and you are looking for a speed controller that can give you a little advantage over your competitors, the LRP Flow WorksTeam is for you.

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LRP Flow WorksTeam Features:

  • Modified and Stock Racing: All-purpose on road and off road software for modified and stock classes, including boost 0
  • Multi-Mode Profile Adjustment: 7 fully adjustable parameters for stock and modified: auto brake, feel, torque timing, boost timing, boost angle, boost turbo, and cutoff voltage
  • HD Full Aluminum Case: For lowest core temperature and tough race design
  • All-New 6V/3A linear BEC
  • Easy Solder U-Tab Design: Heavy copper, multilayer PCB for low resistance
  • X-Brake Pro: New, efficient, and precise brake software
  • USB Software Updateability: Benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at!
  • Revolutionary Internal Temp Check System 3: Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature for both the ESC and motor
  • Extra Small Size: 32x34x21mm size for easy installation
  • Included plug-in high-performance fan


LRP Flow WorksTeam Specifications:

  • Case Size: 32x34x21mm
  • Voltage Input: 3.7 – 7.4V
  • BEC: 6.0V / 3.0A
  • Sensored Brushless System: Yes
  • Forward/Brake: Yes
  • Multi Mode Profile Adjustment: Yes
  • Multi Protection System 2: Yes
  • Internal Temp Check System 3: Yes
  • Power Wires: 3.3mm
  • Recommended Motor Limit: 3.5 Turn
  • Rated current: 400A/phase
  • Typical voltage drop: At 20A – 0.011V/Phase
  • Weight (w/no wires): 40g
  • Plugged fan: Yes (plug-in high performance fan included)

LRP X20 Features:

  • XTEC X20 Coolmax housing: Machined 7075-T6 aluminum can with maximum cooling for lowest running temperatures
  • Dynamic balanced WorksTeam rotor: Dual axis balanced 12.5mm sintered WorksTeam rotor for maximum power and highest efficiency
  • Waterproof preciSensor™ system: Fully waterproof precise sensor positioning for best power, throttle feel and efficiency. Fully adjustable and replaceable
  • Optimized racing stack: Optimized packed stack for improved drive feel and efficiency
  • 5 timing inserts: Finer timing adjustments, inserts now with degree markings
  • Laser engraved rotor size: Externally visible indication of the rotor diameter
  • Oversized ABEC 5 ball-bearings: Larger sized ABEC 5 bearings for maximum durability
  • O-ring dampening: For vibration-free operation even under highest rpms
  • EasySolder design: Heavy copper, 6-layer PCB for lowest resistance
  • World‘s winning motor technology


LRP X20 Specifications:

  • RPM: 38,480
  • Weight: 165g
  • kV: 5,200
  • Power: 414
  • Magnet material: WorksTeam Sintered (12.5mm #50637)
  • Voltage input: 3.7 – 7.4V
  • Winding: Star (Multistrand Copper Winding)


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