Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview

This preview is based on pictures and documents I found on different web sites or forums. I didn’t have the chance to put my hands on this vehicle yet but I wanted to give you a preview. I found enough pictures to be able to give a good preview with sufficient details. Because I didn’t have the vehicle in my hands, I will not score the vehicle.

Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview Reviews

Photos courtesy of Team Associated


Few months ago, Team Associated released their first 1/8 buggy on their history. People from all around the world were waiting for a 1/8 buggy from the A-Team. The RC8 Factory Team is now available as a RTR and well equipped.

Body, tires and chassis

There is so much to say about the body but like all others RTR vehicles from Team Associated, the RC8RS RTR comes with a nice looking pre-painted body with brilliant colors. The wing system is the same and can be adjusted any way you like.

 Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview Reviews

It seems to have something new for the tires. They are labeled “Team Associated” and they seem to be developed specially for Team Associated. The thread looks promising for the race track. It looks Pro-Line Crime Fighter with the addition of small bars in the center of the thread. Don’t be surprise to heard people having success with those tires on few race tracks.

 Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview Reviews

For the RS version, Team Associated used a hard-anodized 3mm thick 7075 aluminum chassis compared to the 3mm black hard-coated 7075 aluminum chassis found on the Factory Team version.


The RC8RS RTR is equipped with the same engine as we found in the Monster GT 4.60 and in the Thunder Tiger ST-1. The included Thunder Tiger .28 engine is an excellent engine, easy to tune and with good amount of torque and top speed. The new Pro-Start system is included with the buggy. The engine have a nice looking head with sufficient fins to keep the engine cool under any situation.

I’ll prefer to see a .21 engine (Thunder Tiger .21 Pro) in the RC8RS just to make sure that the buggy is “race legal” but since many race tracks accept .28 engine in RTR buggies there is no problem. A .21 engine will also add 1 or 2 minutes more of runtime.

Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview Reviews

Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview Reviews


The new XP3D computerized digital 3-channel FM radio with 10 model memory is now included with the RC8RS RTR. The steering servo is a S2008 Metal Gear, the same found in the Monster GT 4.60 and Thunder Tiger ST-1. It’s a good servo with good amount of torque (111 oz @ 6v). It’s not a “race” servo but it will do the job.

I’m disappointed to see a S1903 servo for the throttle and brake duties. This is a standard servo (50oz) with plastic gears. I can understand that AE tried to keep price low, but a S2008 servo should have been better for the duties.

 Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview Reviews


Team Associated innovated with the RC8’s suspension. More travel and lay ed down shocks is the trade mark of the new RC8. The same suspension geometry is used for the RS so I’m convinced that the handling will be the same. Threaded shocks have been replaced with regular shock and spacers to adjust ride height. All shocks are protected with rubber boots and sway bars are used in front and rear to improve handling.

Carbon fiber shock towers have been replaced by 3mm aluminum black anodized. This seems a little on the thin side but RC8’s shock tower are not as tall as other buggies’s towers making them less prone to break in a crash.

Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview Reviews

 Team Associated RC8RS RTR Preview Reviews

Drive train

I don’t have much information about the drive train. From what I know, nothing changed between the RC8 Factory and the RTR version. As soon as I have more information, I’ll update this section.


  • Team AssociatedTM Powerful .28 Pro Engine
  • Pro-Start Hand Held Starting System
  • Painted and Pre-Mounted Body With Custom Graphic Decal Kit
  • S2008 Metal Gear Steering Servo And S1903 Throttle Servo
  • Hard-Anodized 3mm Thick 7075 Aluminum Chassis
  • Team Associated 2-Chamber Muffler
  • Sealed Radio Box With Thread-Through Molded Antenna Mount
  • Fuel Bottle
  • 3mm Low-Profile Black Anodized Aluminum Shock Towers
  • Pre-Mounted Team Associated Tires and Molded Inserts On Dish Wheels
  • Hard-Anodized Shock Bodies With Pre-Load Clips, 4mm Shock Shafts, Composite Shock Caps and Rubber Boots
  • XP3D Computerized Digital 3-Channel FM Radio System with 10 Model Memory
  • 3mm Black Anodized Aluminum Steering Rack With Ball-Bearing Steering System
  • Part number: 80905


Team Associated knows how to convert a race vehicle into a ready-to-run version without scarifying performance, handling and fun. Yes, the RC8RS uses less aluminum, less carbon fiber but what’s make the RC8 Factory Team a winning buggy still in the RS version.

The engine and servos are well known components and the will perform well. Tires are new and I’m sure they will perform well on a race track.

I have nothing wrong to say about this vehicle at the exception of the throttle/brake servo. The buggy class exploded in the last few years. May be Team Associated didn’t start the fire but they just poured oil on the fire…

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