MIP C-CVD Axles Review

MIP C-CVD Axles Review Reviews
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MIP C-CVD Axles Review


MIP (Moore’s Ideal Products) is in the RC industry since 1979. Over the years, MIP have innovated the RC industry by offering some of the best aftermarket parts. They even make OEM products for the top RC manufacturers. We all know MIP’s CVDs (Constant Velocity Drive) for their high quality and high performance products. I use their products for many years. I’ve replaced all my RTR’s stock dogbones by CVDs from MIP. They now offer their well known CVDs with a capture clip (C-CVD), so you no more need to add lock tite to the set screw or to install shrink tube over the CVD bone to secure the set screw.


MIP C-CVD Axles Review Reviews



MIP provided me a complete set of C-CVDs (PN: 08125) for my Team Associated B4.1. The C-CVDs came in a plastic bag with clear instructions included. Extra wheel nuts and shims are also included. Once I have removed the stock dogbone, I simply insert the coupling into the axles and slide the new capture ring over the C-CVD bone. To secure the capture ring in place, use your fingers to slightly twist the capture ring over the cross pin. It is done! This can’t be any easier. It took me 15 minutes to install both axles on my B4.1. No special tools were required others than those used to remove the wheel nut and the axle pin.

MIP C-CVD Axles Review Reviews



To test the new MIP C-CVDs, I went to my friend’s backyard track. His track is small but very challenging. The new C-CVDs have decreased the backslash effect found with conventional dogbones. Even if this is hard to feel, the overall drivetrain was smoother. After 45 minutes of hard driving (and crashes) the C-CVDs were in perfect condition. I initially had concerns about the capture rings. I thought they will not held in place. I was wrong. The rings didn’t move at all. They still in place and they won’t move neither.

MIP C-CVD Axles Review Reviews



The MIP C-CVDs are available for a wide variety of vehicles. They offer a smoother drivetrain and increase durability. They are a good upgrade for any vehicles. This explains why they are included in the more expensive or race oriented kits. The capture ring is innovative and welcome. No doubt, the new C-CVDs are a most for any serious RC enthusiast.

For more information, visit www.miponline.com

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    i’ve recently installed associated “CVA’s” (ASC9677). Just wondering if there’s much, if any, difference between CVD’s and CVA’s??

    1. admin

      At the exception of the retaining ring, I don,t think there is any other difference

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