Answer-RC Clutch Shoes Review Reviews

Answer-RC Clutch Shoes Review

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Answer-RC Clutch Shoes Review


No matter if you are bashing or racing, clutch shoes are one of the most abused parts of any nitro R/C vehicle. I recently discovered a new R/C company named, Answer-RC. They offer clutch shoes for a variety of vehicles on the market. Answer-RC is located in United Kingdom they have stores around the UK stocking the range as well as around Europe and are currently looking at making the products available in North America. Shipping from UK to my house in Canada took only one week. Shipping to USA or anywhere else should definitively not be a problem.

The clutch shoes come with three different sets of springs to fine tune the clutch engagement point. The gold springs are 0.9mm, the silvers are 1.0mm and the blacks are 1.1mm. The clutch shoes don’t require the installation of shims or washers between the shoes and the flywheel. The shim is milled directly into the shoe.

Answer-RC Clutch Shoes Review Reviews  Three different sets of springs are included


Answer-RC Clutch Shoes Review Reviews  No more shims or washers are required


For this review, I decided to go with my Team Associated RC8 buggy. I haven’t raced as much as I have wished this season. The stock clutch shoes are not totally worn out but new shoes are welcomed. I installed the new shoes with the silver springs to have the same spring rate as before. Installing Answer-RC’s clutch shoes is easy and nothing went wrong.

The shoes fit perfectly on my RC8’s clutch. Before going on the track I ran the buggy in my backyard to make sure the shoes were broken in before I hit the track. It doesn’t take long to break in clutch shoes; a tank is more than sufficient. The surface of my backyard track is very loamy and traction is always an issue. The 1.0mm springs were soft enough to prevent traction lost and stiff enough to make my clutch engage at the right RPM. To have a smoother or a harder acceleration, you can mix springs since Answer-RC included three different spring sets.

Answer-RC Clutch Shoes Review Reviews


Those clutch shoes from Answer-RC impressed me. They are cheap and the offer excellent grip. After ten tanks, the shoes still in perfect shape with no sign of excessive wear. In fact, they look like they will last a bit longer than the clutch shoes I usually use for my R/C vehicles.

The price of the Answer-RC’s clutch shoes is below 18$US and the shoes come with three different sets of springs. They are definitively not expensive compared to the stock or others aftermarkets shoes. There are not a lot of things to say when testing clutch shoes. All I can attest is that Answer-RC offers clutch shoes that really worth a try, you won’t regret it.

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Answer-RC Clutch Shoes Review Reviews

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