Novarossi NS12TSR1 Review Reviews

Novarossi NS12TSR1 Review

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Novarossi NS12TSR1 Review

The NS12TSR1 is my first contact with products from Novarossi. Like any others RC enthusiasms, I know Novarossi builds some of the best engines off all the industry. Being a club level racer not sponsored by any company, I’m on a budget and I can’t afford 300$ for an engine. There is good news, Novarossi released few new engines called “basic” at an affordable price. What does it mean??? It means that I can now afford a high quality engine at a reasonable price.

Novarossi NS12TSR1 Review Reviews  Here’s the Novarossi NS12TSR1 a bit dirty, right after I completed the break-in.

The engine

The engine is available with a rotary or a slide carb, I bought the rotary carb version to fit in my Team Associated RC10GT2 FT. The installation was easy and no modifications were required, the engine is direct fit, simply bolt the engine mounts and the flywheel. No air filter is supplied, I bought a Jammin’ CRT .5 air filter that fits perfectly. The sleeve has 3 ports and is made of hard chromed brass (ABC) and the engine used turbo type glow plugs. The piston and sleeve are very tight, impossible to turn the engine with my fingers even after I installed the flywheel.


Because the engine has a very tight pinch, I made sure my starter box was fully charged. I sat my GT2 on the starter box, installed the glow igniter and then push the truck to engage the starter box. The engine almost immediately started and then stopped after few seconds. The engine stopped and the piston was at the top of the sleeve. I had to use a flat screwdriver to spin the flywheel and to make sure the piston was at the bottom of the sleeve so my starter box can spin the engine.

Novarossi NS12TSR1 Review Reviews  The Novarossi NS12TSR1 looks really nice in my GT2 !

On my second try the engine started easily and I was able to let it idle enough to warm up and reach 190F. I didn’t have to adjust the carb settings. I put my GT2 on his wheels and I just did few blips on the throttle to prevent the engine from flooding. I followed my break-in technique for the first six tanks. It didn’t take long to realize that the Novarossi NS12TSR1 has a lot of power and will make my GT2 scream. On the third tank, a little blip on the throttle and my Gt2 was accelerating hard. I leaned the carb settings until tank #6, the operating temps never went above 210F during the break-in and I blow one glow plug. The engine still very tight and starts easily with a fully charged starter box.


Novarossi’s engines are known to have a very tight pinch, I’m sure my engine will reach his full potential after a full gallon. The Novarossi NS12TSR1 is an excellent engine with an excellent power band, no on/off feeling with great response at any RPM. Runtime is also very nice, I got bit more than 10 minutes of runtime with my GT2 on my small track. This engine makes my Team Associated GT2 flies, excellent acceleration and top speed is certainly in the 40’s MPH.

With the new “Basic” line of engines from Novarossi, I can now afford a high quality engine without breaking the bank.

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