Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review

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Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review


I’m not an engines guru but it is easy to see that the competition is extreme in the high performance nitro engines market. In North America, many new manufacturers made their apparitions in the last few years. Novarossi still has success with their P5 engines series since many years. Recently, Novarossi have added a new engine in their list of products, a new .21 engine tuned at the factory. The Novarossi Plus 21-4 engine is the latest release from the Italian manufacturer. Imported in North America by the folks at Novarossi USA (, I’m persuaded that engine has all it needs to be on the higher step of the podiums.

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews  A nice looking purple head

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews  The word “Tuned” is engraved on the bottom of the crankcase.


 Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews

The engine

The Novarossi Plus 21-4 engine uses standard glow plugs (C5G). For the 2009 year production, a turbo button head will also be included in the box for those who’d like to run the Plus 21-4 with a turbo plug. Its crankcase has been smoothed out to offer better performance and to make the air/fuel mixture flow more efficiently through the inside of the engine. The Plus 21-4 Tuned is the equivalent of what the Novarossi team racers are racing. Good news!

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews  A turbo button head will be included in the production year 2009

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews  An inner view to the crankcase

The trends in the nitro engine industry are to design engines with excellent fuel economy. The Plus 21-4 shines in the energetic department, it offers 12 minutes of runtime with a Novarossi 9901 tuned pipe coupled to a Novarossi 41021 header. Compared to others engines that run 8 minutes with a fill, this is 2 stops less for the Plus 21-4 in a 1 hour main! This gives you a clear advantage over your competitors.

 Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews

Besides the engine, three additional carb inserts (7.0mm, 7.5 and 8.0mm), exploded view, stickers and different notices are included in the box. I completely disassembled the engine for the photo session. All parts are well machined and fit perfectly in each other which is proper to Novarossi engines. As you can see on different pictures, there was extra oil on all moving parts to make sure the engine will not start dry on its first start and to prevent rust on metallic parts while the engine sits on hobby shops’ shelves.

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews  Three additional inserts are included with the engine

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews  All you need is included in the box

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews  Novarossi’s logo engraved into the sleeve


The Plus 21-4 will find its home in any 1/8 buggy or truggy. Whit its 4 transfer ports, 2.6HP, its legendary lifespan and excellence of craftsmanship of Novarossi, there is no reason why you should pass on this engine. And while I was writing this review, Billy Fisher finished 5th at the Nitro Challenge with a Plus 21-4 in his buggy…

Novarossi Plus 21-4 Engine Review Reviews  Knife edge connecting rod

Update June 25th 2009:

The break in was extremely easy. The engine started immediately as soon as the fuel entered into the carburetor. The carburetor was adjusted a little rich for the break in, I only had to lean it a little bit. While the break in, the engine ran flawlessly. As soon as I finished the first 5 tanks, I leaned the settings until the engine responds well to my throttle inputs. The top speed is great and the bottom end is more than enough to clear any jumps or to push my buggy in the front of any race start. The Plus 4 has enough power to be raced in a truggy with no problem. The engine temperature is steady to 200F with a light blue smoke coming out of the tuned pipe. I didn’t have to adjust the carburetor since I finished the break in. The engine can idle all day long and I never had any flameouts.

Now a full gallon of fuel has gone through my Novarossi 21 Plus 4. I got 10 minutes of runtime with the Novarossi 21 Plus 4 coupled to a Team Associated Factory tuned pipe on a loose track with the engine sets a little bit on the rich side. I know I can easily get an extra minute of runtime.

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