Ofna Truggy Starter Box Review Reviews

Ofna Truggy Starter Box Review

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Ofna Truggy Starter Box Review


If you are a little serious about R/C racing, you already know that a good starter box is your best friend. In the past, I have bought many starter boxes from different manufacturers. They were good for small block engines but when it was time to break-in a big block engines, they all seemed to lack power to spin tight engines.

This last spring I have bought an Ofna Truggy starter box for my truggy. The starter box comes 90% assembled; all you have to do is to install a 12 gel cell, two 7.2v packs or a lipo battery. You must also install the rubber feet and to adjust the pegs for the chassis support. All this takes only 15 minutes and I had no problem to correctly align my truggy on the starter box.

With its blue anodized finish, the starter box looks really nice. The first time I started my truggy with the starter I immediately noticed all the torque that the dual 775 motors produce. This starter box has more torque than any other starter boxes I used in the past. In fact, there is almost enough torque to start my Honda Civic’s engine ! LOL

The real test went when I have installed two new engines in my truggy and in my buggy. Both of those engines were really tight. The Ofna Truggy Starter turned them with ease. Even when the piston was stuck in the top of the sleeve, the starter was able to fire up both engines easily. I was very impressed. The bonus of having such torque is the battery longevity between charges.

After a summer of action and many new engines, the Ofna Truggy Starter box still in top shape. My starter box is a little bit dirty, sign that it worked hard, but I really like it and I’ll continue to use it as hard as I did this summer.

Ofna Truggy Starter Box Review Reviews


A starter must be robust, reliable and have a lot of torque. This is exactly what the Ofna Truggy Starter box is. This one of the best (if not the best) starter box you can buy on the market. I have broken-in many tight engines without any problem; it has also survived to rain, mud, sand and fuel spills.

When you’ll look for a starter box, put the Ofna Truggy Starter box on the top of the list.

For more information, visit www.ofna.com


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