Pro-Line Caliber SC Review

Pro-Line Caliber SC Review Reviews
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Pro-Line Caliber SC Review

The Pro-Line Caliber SC (SC for Short Course) tire is based on the popular Caliber tire for 1/8th buggy released by Pro-Line few months ago. The Caliber SC has the same tread design and it is offer in M2 and M3 compounds. The Caliber SC is the latest tire from Pro-Line and it is completely designed and made in USA. It is designed for the Traxxas Slash, Team Associated SC10 and HPI Blitz short course trucks.

 Pro-Line Caliber SC Review Reviews



To test the new Caliber SC tires, I’ve mounted them on Pro-Line Split-Six Bead-Loc wheels. As expected, the tires fit perfectly on the wheels. Mounting the tires was a breeze and the Bead-Loc accelerates the mounting process because I didn’t have to wait for the glue to dry. A few spins on the tires indicates me the tires were well balanced at the factory. Pro-Line pays close attention to the moulding process to limit the need of tire balancing once the tire is mounted onto the wheel. It took me a maximum of twenty minutes to install the four tires. Once the four wheels were done, I dropped a fully charged LiPo pack into my SC truck and headed outside for a test run.

Pro-Line Caliber SC Review Reviews

I have a small (75’x50’) test track in my backyard. The track surface goes from loose to hard packed dirt while some sections have black earth and grass. This is an excellent track to test tires and vehicles. I have run my SC truck many times on my track, so I know where I can nail the throttle and where I cannot. Right after I’ve put my SC truck on the ground, I was able to feel the extra traction. On accelerations, the truck was more aggressive with less wheel spinning. The combination of small and larger pins of the Calibers SC has added the extra forward traction I was looking for and they greatly increased steering. It was easier for me to put more power to the ground. All this extra traction results in faster cornering, faster accelerations and makes my SC truck easier to drive. Another good point for the Calibers SC, they didn’t get out of shape easily. Even when all the power of my 8.5T brushless motor caused the diff to unload all the power to one wheel, the tire has just slightly ballooned.

 Pro-Line Caliber SC Review Reviews



The folks at Pro-Line Racing did it again, they have managed to produce a tire with plenty of forward and side traction which is ideal for any SC trucks. The Caliber SC is the best tire I’ve ever tested on a short course truck, period. Now, where are the Calibers for stadium trucks and for 2wd buggies? We want them!

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    I have a 60’X60′ track myself, a varity of corners. I installed them on the rear of my SC10, mounted on Split Six bead lock wheels. In the summer and early fall in the dry conditions I noticed the tires handled acceptionally well on hard packed and loomy surfaces, however recently I took it out and ran it in the damp/muddy conditions. The loose top layer of dirt turned into a muddy mix, and the calibers sliped and slid all over the track, the treads were coated with mud after a few laps. These tires do not release wet dirt/clay at all, I would recommend a diffrent tire for wet/damp track conditions, but for the dry/loomy conditions, the calibers are a sure-fire win.

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