Thunder Tiger EFRA 2035 3-chamber Tuned Pipe Review Reviews

Thunder Tiger EFRA 2035 3-chamber Tuned Pipe Review

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Thunder Tiger EFRA 2035 3-chamber Tuned Pipe Review


After having running my ST-1 with the stock tuned pipe for few months, I decided to try something new. Even if the stock engine has good torque, I wanted more. A lot of torque is always cool for clearing jumps or to pass another vehicle when coming out of a corner.

I decided to give a try to the Thunder Tiger EFRA 2035 3-chamber tuned pipe designed to increase bottom end while not sacrificing top speed.

Installation and testing

I just took about 15 minutes to remove to stock tuned pipe and to install the new one. The tuned pipe and the header are nicely polished with Thunder Tiger logo clearly visible on the tuned pipe. Now the new tuned pipe is installed, it was time to track test my ST-1.

Thunder Tiger EFRA 2035 3-chamber Tuned Pipe Review Reviews

After a little adjustment on the carb settings I was ready for few laps on my track. I did few slow laps to give me a good idea how the pipe performs at low speed around the track and to let my engine warm up. When the engine was warm enough, I began to race the truck like it should be.

I immediately noticed what effect the tuned has on my engine. The accelerations were better everywhere on the track. Out of the corner, I was able to push the ST-1 harder and faster. The mid throttle respond was better and the stock engine was getting in the higher RPMs faster and this is exactly what I was expecting from the Thunder Tiger tuned pipe. I can’t tell how faster my lap times were now but I’m sure they were faster. The extra punch produced by the tuned pipe was clearly noticeable.


Of course, the Thunder Tiger’s EFRA 2035 3-chamber tuned pipe didn’t transform my stock .28 engine into a 500$ high-performance Italian race engine but it adds more punch, better mid throttle respond without decreasing top speed. In fact, the tuned pipe woke up my stock engine and by consequence, also woke up my ST-1. You can be sure, this tuned pipe will remain installed in my truggy for a long time and at 45$us street price, it’s a great deal.

The next step is to install a LRP .28R Truggy engine… I can’t wait to see how it will perform !

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