Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews
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Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR

The 1/8 electric buggy segment is one of the most fast growing segments in the R/C industry. So far, most R/C manufacturers offer kits and you have to provide your own 1/8 electronics gear. To make things easier to anyone interested to jump into the e-buggy wave, Team Associated has introduced the RC8.2e RS RTR.

Based on the race winning RC8.2e Factory Team buggy, the RC8.2e RS RTR comes with a 2000Kv Reedy motor, XP ESC and a 2.4 GHz transmitter. Knowing Team Associated for many years, my expectations were high and I have not been disappointed.



The Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR includes blue anodized Big Bore shocks. The shocks bodies are not threaded but rubber boots protect the shock shafts from debris and reduce maintenance intervals. Multiple shock spacers are included to adjust ride height. The black anodized shock towers are 3mm thick and made of 6061 aluminum. There are multiple shock mounting holes to fine tune your suspension. The rest of the suspension is identical to the Factory version. Front and rear sway bars help to reduce body roll. A new rear hub carrier with three camber link mounting holes is now included. Aluminum steering knuckles add extra durability to the RC8.2e RS.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews

To really feel how the suspension performs on the track, I swapped the stock tires for some race tires. I’m not sure what shock weight is used (my guess is 30wt all around) but the buggy was comfortable on the rough track sections and didn’t get the buggy out of shape. For my race track and outside temperature (in the low 60F), the base suspension setup was ok, a little tweak here and there will make the suspension more suitable to my track and driving style.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews



The three differentials are exactly the same as the ones on Factory Team version. However, to keep cost down, the RC8.2e RS uses dogbones instead of CVAs. It is not a bad idea, dog bones require less maintenance and you could always upgrade them later. A special note for the lightweighted differentials outdrives and rear axles. This type of lightweighted parts is usually reserved for the kits. Team Associated decided to include them on the RC8.2e RS, thank you AE! The drivetrain is almost indestructible, I have owned every Team Associated 1/8th scale buggies and truggies and I’ve never had a single issue with differentials, they are built to be abused and they don’t require any special maintenance. The differentials are smooth but they will need a little breaking in period, a pack should be sufficient. No worry, all diffs need a certain period of time to free up. Many will never see the difference. After that period, the diffs will be super smooth.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews



The 8.2e RS comes with a Reedy 1515-SL 2000Kv brushless sensorless motor coupled to a XP Digital SC1300-BL waterproof electronic speed controller. The ESC is equipped with a fan to keep temp cool. This combo offers good accelerations and a descent top speed while keeping the buggy under control. My first test was around the house. After 12-13 minutes of nonstop action on grass and asphalt, the motor’s temperature was around 150F which is acceptable. I didn’t use my temp gun to measure the ESC’s temp. I simply touched the ESC’s fins and they were slightly warm, not even hot. The fan really did its job of keeping the ESC cool. The battery and motor wires were just slightly warm.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews

To evaluate the RC8.2 RS RTR on a track, I went to the same track I usually race with my nitro buggy. On this track, the motor had really shined by its torque. I had no difficulty to clear all the jumps, especially a double jump located right after a 180 degrees hairpin corner. A little blip on the throttle and the buggy cleared the double. On the rest of the track, I never felt the need for more power. New comers, bashers and club racers should like this motor/ESC combo.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews

A Team Associated S2008MG servo is used for steering duties. This metal geared servo is good for 108oz of torque with a transit time of .21s at 6.0v. The same servo is used on many Team Associated RTRs vehicles. This is definitively not the fastest or the strongest servo on the market but it does the job. This is the kind of servo that racers will find slow but new comers will enjoy because it makes the buggy easier to drive.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews

The transmitter is a XP2-SSi 2.4GHz. To make a long story short, this radio is an excellent radio for a RTR vehicle. The 2.4GHz technology prevents frequency conflicts and you can quickly adjust throttle and steering trims and dual rate with the buttons located on the transmitter. The transmitter fits well in my big hand and the foam steering wheel keeps me in control even with sweating fingers. The radio is precise and glitch free, I only have good words to say about this radio.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews


Tires, body and chassis:

OK, let start with the tires. The included tires come pre-mounted on white dish wheels and they are good for all around usage. The tread is aggressive but the compound is on the hard side. The tires should last quite long if you avoid running them on concrete or asphalt. The stock tires can be good for few appearances on the track but if your goal is to race the RC8.2e RS, I will suggest you to invest on good racing tires.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews

A blue and a red race paint schemes are available, they both look really nice. The body is perfectly trimmed and fits well on the buggy. However, I would have appreciated few venting holes to lower electronics temperature. A black wing keeps the rear end planted on the ground.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews

The chassis is made of hard-anodized 7075 aluminum for extra resistance. All the screws under the chassis are countersunk. Extra milling has been done to the chassis to save weight and to reduce CG.

Review Team Associated RC8.2e RS RTR Reviews


Specs and features:


  • Power Source: Electric
  • Terrain: Off-Road
  • Body Style: Buggy
  • Scale Size: 1:8 Scale
  • Assembly Level: Ready-To-Run
  • Length: 470mm (18.5in)
  • Width: 305mm (12.01in)
  • Wheelbase: 323mm (12.72in)
  • Weight: 3661g (8.07lbs)
  • Internal Gear Ratio: 4.30:1
  • Drive: 4WD
  • Waterproof XP SC1300-BL brushless electronic speed control with Deans® Ultra Plug® (2S-4S LiPo compatible)
  • Powerful Reedy 2000kV brushless motor
  • XP 2.4GHz radio system with high-torque S2008MG metal gear servo
  • Factory-finished RC8e buggy body, in either red or blue
  • Updated RC8.2 racing suspension geometry
  • Low center of gravity 3mm thick 7075 aluminum shock towers
  • 16mm Big Bore 6061 aluminum shock bodies and caps with rubber shock boots
  • Lightweight and durable drivetrain
  • Hard-anodized 7075 aluminum chassis with keyed lower suspension plates
  • Aluminum steering knuckles for improved durability
  • Enclosed receiver box
  • High-traction knobby tires





  • All the RC8.2e Factory Team options parts fit directly onto the RC8.2e RS
  • You get a lot for the money
  • Durable drive train
  • Powerful and easy to control motor/ESC combo




  • No venting holes in the body
  • Steering servo needs a little more power and speed
  • Super long antenna tube



RS stands for Race Spec and this is exactly what the Team Associated RC8.2e RS is, a buggy with race winning DNA in an affordable package. The RC8.2e RS is exactly the type of buggy that the newcomers and the occasional racers will love because it is easy to use, fast and race worthy right out of the box. If you want to get into R/C or you want to try something new, the Team Associated RC8.2e RS should be on the top of the list.

For more information, visit www.teamassociated.com


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    Excellent review. Ordered my rc8.2e ft a few days ago. Its “out for delivery” right now.. cant wait. Shame im at work and wont get to start my build for 8 hours

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